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Mike Kostakis stays in one place so your car won’t. A third generation auto repair mechanic, Mike started working on cars when he was 11 years old. He is now 48. That means he has a lot of experience and has seen a lot of change.
All of that experience works for you when you bring your car to Mikes
Imports & Engines Auto repair, Santa Rosa. Mike was fixing cars when drum brakes were standard, when power windows were rare and carburetors were still common. He was fixing cars when air conditioning was a troublesome option and no one had heard of climate control. Think about it for a second and you’ll realize that Mike has been learning for 37 years. He hasn’t repeated the same year 37 times because cars have changed year after year. Skeptics should find and drive a 1965 Volkswagen or a 1973 Mercedes. Cars have really changed.
Mike isn’t thinking about another career. Unlike a lot of people who spend much of their time thinking about their next job the job they really want, Mike has the job he wants. So he can, and does, focus on fixing your car or supervising the mechanic who does. That works for you in very nice ways. While a typical auto dealers' shop may not know who is showing up for work from one day to the next so you deal with a different service rep on each visit and never know who actually worked on your car at Mikes Import Auto “the buck stops” at Mike and Mike only. He’ll know your car, its history, and who has worked on it if he hasnt worked on it himself. He’s the go-to guy, the man. Mike knows that a reputation for quality work is a key ingredient for survival in today’s ultra-competitive environment. He knows because he has seen service stations, repair shops and dealerships come and go. Having a reputation for quality work--- and delivering it--- is why Mike is still here, and others are not. Mike knows that you really have to do “what it takes to earn your business,” not just mouth the words.


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